Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist - Sezonul 1 Episodul 5



Solely focus on his education and tuition, William remains unconcern about the election for the interim ruler of Hell and proceeds with life at school. Camio informs William that an old water mill located at the back of the Headmaster’s House is preparing to be torn down to make room for a new building at the school and wants him to catch the students who have been causing a ruckus at night with an odd song before the school’s chairman comes to check on the construction for it. William accepts the assignment, thinking that it might help with his tuition if he wins the headmaster’s good graces. Dantalion dislikes the fact that William seems to favor Camio and gets into an argument with him about the election and how William still refuses to rely on him. Afterwards, William, Isaac and Sytry goes to investigate the old mill, but left after Isaac was frightened by the rustlings in the forest. Meanwhile, Dantalion visits his guardian, Astaroth, to talk about Camio and she warns Dantalion that he be should more concern about another powerful person close to William. At night, William and Isaac wake up to singing and find a goblin-like creature lurking in the mill. Sytry tells them that the creature is a killmoulis, a fairy that has to mill grains or it will die. William sends the killmoulis to India to work at Isaac’s father’s tea and spices factory as a solution, but is disappointed that he was unable to receive any merit for his efforts. Later that evening, Dantalion confronts Kevin to inquire him about his true identity and boast that he will uncover all of the latter’s secrets.

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