Initial D - Sezonul 1 Episodul 3



After crashing his car, Iketani is taken to hospital by the 4WD driver he nearly crashed into. One of his teammates tells Itsuki and Takumi what happened the next day at work, that he crashed and his car is wrecked. Itsuki freaks out, becuase now there is noone with a hope of beating the RedSuns in the race coming up that Saturday. Iketani gets out of hospital and goes to check on his car, but it’s still a wreck, as the parts aren’t available. He goes to the tofu shop to see Bunta, and begs him to race in his place to beat the RedSuns. Bunta calls him crazy. Iketani rants about how they can’t let the RedSuns move in and win on Akina turf. After he leaves, Bunta goes to the gas station right after it closses to see the owner. They’re old friends, obviously, and Bunta asks if he told Iketani about his young days as a racer. The owner says admits that he did. Bunta tells him about Iketani’s plea, and they talk for awhile about Bunta’s days as a great street racer and how Iketani is

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