The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty - Sezonul 1 Episodul 3



The story of Rupert Murdoch’s remarkable journey from ‘the most humble day’ of his life to arguably his most powerful moment, and the final conclusion to the question of succession within his own family. Following a huge scandal, Rupert cuts a lonely figure. His political allies have deserted him, his reputation is in tatters, his beloved mother passes away, and to add insult to injury, revelations come to light about his wife’s infatuation with one of his friends, ex-prime minister Tony Blair, contributing to the break-up of his second marriage. But Murdoch is tough – he feeds on conflict and revels in playing the underdog, a role he has cast himself in throughout his career. This film examines the source of his drive, determination and grit and the important influence of his father.


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