Rekka no Honoo - Sezonul 1 Episodul 11



Recca has a flashback to the past, caused by Kurei’s revelation. He awakens to find that he, Fuuko, Domon and Ganko have fallen into Mokuren’s lab, where plants attack. Meanwhile, Kogenai shows off the versatility of his Kōgan Anki weapon in a series of attacks against Tokiya. He disarms Tokiya, yet waits for him to retrieve his blade in an effort to show off all five forms. In the end, Tokiya uses a fake image of himself created with water to catch Kogenai off guard and win the battle. Back in the lab, the group encounters Mokuren, a psycho with the ability to manipulate plants. Recca bludgens him with stereo equipment, and when Mokuren transforms, Recca sets him on fire, winning the battle. The group heads for the elevator, where Kurei is waiting in ambush.

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