Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist - Sezonul 1 Episodul 9



Michael sends his prized soldier, Saint Jeanne d’Arc, to Hell to act as a distraction so Kevin (Uriel) will be able to perform the ecstasy ceremony on William. While looking for Kevin in his room, William discovers his family ring, which causes him to remember the death of his parents and how Kevin consoled him after their funeral. Once there, Kevin sends William away to talk to Michael about Heaven’s plan to lure the demons away from William, and the latter threatens to take the former’s last wing if he fails to acquire Solomon’s soul. Outside, William sneaks the ring out and runs into Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio. They inform him they must return to Hell to deal with an emergency and warns him to be careful while they are gone, much to his annoyance. While Jeanne begins to engage the demons on the battlefield, Kevin tries to perform the ceremony and finds out that William rejects it for some reason. Appointed to guard William, Gilles de Rais goes to stop Kevin, but is deterred by Raguel. Gilles expresses his utter hatred and disgust of Heaven and its angels, as they were the ones that turned his „beloved Jeanne” into their pawn. Raguel tells Gilles that Jeanne is in Hell, but Gilles disregards the information and professes his desire to defile Jeanne to free her from Heaven’s ecstasy. To save Raguel, Kevin agrees to cease the ceremony on William. However, Gilles moves in to kill both of them until Dantalion interferes. While Dantalion orders Amon and Mamon to take Gilles back to Hell, Kevin reports to Michael about his failure. Although prepared to take Uriel’s last wing, Michael demands that Uriel leaves, distressed that he is beginning to fade from existence.

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