Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist - Sezonul 1 Episodul 2



Isaac attempts to summon a demon to form a contract with it, but another candidate for Lucifer’s throne, Sytry, disrupts Isaac’s ritual, and demands the latter to take him to the Elector or he will lose his soul. Meanwhile, Dantalion reveals to William that he was the one paid for his tuition and that he will stay until he is chosen for the throne. William refuses to be indebted to him and asks a friend and fellow perfect, Mycroft Swallow, to give him scholarship forms so he can pay for his tuition on his own. Dantalion becomes popular with the jocks at school, but later leaves to attend business in Hell. Using Isaac, Sytry approaches William as an underclassman and proposes that his uncle could be his „patron” after William meets him. Desperate to get rid of Sytry, Isaac tries to summon an angel to defeat the former, but summons a demon boar that chases after him and William instead. Sytry kills it and reveals his true nature as the viscount and twelfth noble of Hell and one of Lucifer’s candidates to a uncaring William. To force William’s hand, Sytry captures Isaac, who is then saved by Dantalion. The two demons engage in a battle until William forces them to stop, who then declares that he will not elect anyone for the throne before leaving. While Isaac takes delight in William’s status as the Elector and a descendant of Solomon, Sytry informs William that he will be staying at the school, a fact that he reluctantly accepts. At William’s manor, Kevin opens a box containing the ring that once belonged to Solomon that given was to him by God.

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